Friday, May 11th, 2018 – Amsterdam
Brazilian Dance Master “5 room” Party @ Mirror Centre, Ter Gouwestraat 3 in Amsterdam
Open: from 21.00 pm till 02.30 am
Entree: € 10,- at the Door (including workshops) (Cash or PIN)

21:00 – 21:45 Workshop Brazilian Zouk Beginners – in Brazilian Zouk Room
21:00 – 21:45 Workshop Brazilian Zouk Intermediate/Advanced – in Brazilian Zouk Room
23:00 – 23:15 Welcome Presentation
21:45 – 02:30 Party with DJ Wendaman, DJ Rishi & DJ Pasty

Saturday, May 12th, 2018 – Delft
Delft Zouk Party @ Dansschool Wesseling, Buitenwatersloot 327 in Delft
Open: from 20:30 pm till 00.45 am
Entrance fee: € 8.00 (incl. workshop)

20:30 – 21:15 Workshop door t.b.a.
21:15 – 00:45 Party time with DJ Merian & DJ Rémon

Friday, May 18th, 2018 – Amsterdam
Zouk Route by Vibe Latina @ Isolatorweg 28 in Amsterdam
Open: from 21.00 pm till 03.00 am
€12,50 party + Workshop (€ 15,00 At the door)
€10,00 party (€ 10,00 at the door)

21:00 – 22:00 Ladies Workshop BrazilianZouk with Alexandre Gustavo
22:00 – 03:00 Party with DJ Shing & DJ Rèmon

Our studio is close to the train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk and within walking distance of the metro.
The studio is also easy to reach by car and after 19:00 there is FREE parking.

More information:

Saturday, May 19th, 2018  – Leiden
Brazilian Zouk Party @ Dansschool Dos Bailadores, Perzikweg 2 Leiden
Open: from 21.00 pm till 03.00 am
Entrance fee: € 10,00 (incl. wardrobe and workshop)

Prior to the party, AT 21.00  there is workshop. After the workshop, you can practice the learned figures with good music in a cozy atmosphere. Many Zouk, but also Samba, Forró, Axé, Salsa and Bachata. With every month different DJs. And at 00:30 it’s SHOWTIME.


Thursday, May 24th, 2018 – Amsterdam
Social Vibes by Vibe Latina @ Isolatorweg 28 in Amsterdam
Open: from 20.30 pm till 00.30 am
Entree: € 5,00

Social Vibes is a Brazilian Zouk Social where you can dance all night long with great music a cosy atmosphere and lots of fun!

So join us, bring your friends and lets dance!
*** Dj information will be available soon ***

The studio is close to the train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk and within walking distance of the metro.
The studio is also easy to reach by car and after 19:00 there is FREE parking.

More information:

Friday, May 25th, 2018 – Rosmalen
ZoukZtage @ Danscentrum  De Uythof, Peter de Gorterstraat 1 in Rosmalen
Open: from 21.15 pm till 02.00 am
Entree: € 10,00 incl. workshop

At 21.00 we start with a inspiring Samba workshop from Vicky & Tarik.
From 22.00 DJ Edz & DJ ChafLi, will rise the temperature to tropical Brazillian hotness!

Friday, May 25th, 2018 – Amsterdam
Zouk Paviljoen Party @ Paviljoen Aquarius, Anton Schleperspad 10 in Amsterdam
Open: from 19.00 pm till 03.00 am
Dinner: €15,-
Party (including 1 workshop): €10,-

19:00-21:00 Dinner Time!
20:00-21:00 100% Zouk Pre-Party
21:00-22:00 Workshop Zouk Intermediate door Abdel (from Germany)
22:00-02:00 100% Zouk Party with DJ Rèmon & DJ EdZ

Let’s Zouk on the waterside again!
The Paviljoen has a wonderful atmosphere and gives you a nice experience.

Saturday, May 26th 2018 – Zoetermeer
Ziko’s Big Party @ Bowling Westerpark, Heuvelweg 4 in Zoetermeer
Time: 17.00 til 21.00
Entrance fee: € 5,00

Tijdens het feest worden workshops gegeven en voor beide dansvloeren is er een DJ:
Salsa & Bachata dansvloer op dakterras: DJ LatinPro Holland & DJ Leslie Glenn
Zouk & Kizomba dansvloer in het park: DJ Freddy & DJ VanderLei

Een Open Air Party op een fantastische locatie (mooier kan bijna niet). Bij slecht weer kan er binnen en onder party tenten gedanst worden. We beschikken er over meerdere dansvloeren, één bij het park voor de dansen zouk, kizomba en de andere op het dakterras aan het water voor salsa en bachata. Het is een prachtige ambience en de geluidsinstallatie is perfect. Eten en drinken kan in het restaurant en buiten aan het water.



Saturday, May 26th 2018 – Assendelft
I am Zouk Party @ Partycentrum “Wapen van Assendelft”, Dorpsstraat 533 in Assendelft
Open: from 21.30 pm till 03.00 am
Entrance fee:
Party Only: €10,-
Party (incl. 1 workshop): €15,-

21:30-22:30 Workshop Zouk by Marcos & Ruanita Santos
22:30-03:00 Zouk Party with DJ Rèmon, DJ Shing & DJ Wendaman
00:00- 00:30 Live Performance by Zouk/Kizomba singer – Slick Brown- \
***** Surprize act *****


Saturday, May 26th, 2018 – Breda
Endless ZOUK Party @ Libre dance and More, Gieterijstraat 8A in Breda
Open: from 20.30 pm till 02.30 am
Entree: € 10,00 (incl workshop)

We start at 21.15 with a workshop open level by Mike & Joanny (TotallyZouk)
After that DJ Zoukerro and DJ Edz will provide you with 100% Zouk dancing music!

Let’s support the ZOUK Community !!

Saturday June 2nd, 2018 – Rotterdam
Zouk Social @ DA Dance Studio, Chalonsstraat 6 in Rotterdam
Open: from 16.00 till 19.00
Entance fee: free for members. € 5,00 for non-members

Just join us to dance some zouk!



Saturday June 6th, 2018 – Leiden
Leids Zouk Party @ Leids Danscentrum, Lammerschansweg 134-A in Leiden
Open: from 20.00 pm till 03.00 am
Entrance fee:
Party Only: €10,-
Party (incl. 1 workshop): €15,-
Party (incl. 2 workshops”): € 20,00

20:00-21:00 Workshop Zouk Intermediate by Alexandré & Carol
21:00-22:00 Workshop Zouk Int/Adv by Alexandré & Carol
22:00-03:00 Zouk Party Time with DJ Rèmon & DJ Freddy
00:00 Show Time

more information and prices:

Friday June 8th, 2018 – Utrecht
Zouk for all Party @ Sportcafe De Dreef, Schooneggendreef 27 in Utrecht
Open: from 21.30 pm till 02.30 am
Entrance fee: €10,00 (inclusief 1 workshop)

21:30-22:30 Workshop Zouk Int/Adv by Lorenzo & Rianne
22:30-02:30 100% Zouk Party Time with DJ Rémon & DJ Zensy

Sunday, June 17th, 2018 – The Hague
Totally Zouk Beach Party @ Strandpaviljoen De Kwartel, Strandweg 9

Datum: ZONDAG 17 juni 2018
Tijd: van 15.00 uur tot 19.00+ uur
Locatie: Strandpaviljoen De Kwartel
Entree: GRATIS


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